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Wart Treatments

Warts are caused by a virus infection in the skin.


Wart treatments have two main actions. They either irritate or cause controlled damage. These actions help to increase immune system activity in the area. 

We use many different treatments on warts. Different types of warts require different approaches. Some strains of wart virus respond better to being dried out. Others respond well to blistering medications.

If warts don't respond to topical treatments we offer two advanced treatments, Cryosurgery and Wart Needling.


The warts are frozen with a cryosurgery pen. The freezing kills the cells that are infected by the virus and new skin cells grow in their place. This treatment costs more than standard wart treatments due to the cost of the cryosurgery device and the cartridges. 

Wart Needling

The wart will be frozen with a local anesthetic injection. It is then poked with a hypodermic needle. This damages the skin in a controlled manner and pushes virus particles into the deeper tissue where the immune system is more active. 

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