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Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nails are often considered to be a cosmetic problem. Many people are embarrassed about their fungal infection and try to hide the problem with polish. 


If nail fungus isn't caught early and is allowed to progress, the nails can become permanently damaged. 


There are many treatments that can improve the appearance and help clear up fungal nails.

Nail Trephination

Fungal infections are most active along the nail bed. A micro nail drill is used to drill small bur holes through the nail. These holes allow liquid antifungal medication to flow through the nail down into the nail bed. 


The procedure may be a bit uncomfortable but the tenderness settles quickly. Once the nail starts to grow out new holes may need to be drilled to ensure medication is always getting to the leading edge of the infection. 


The nail is cleaned, trimmed and cleared of as much fungal debris as possible. 

Small holes are drilled into the nail, either along the leading edge of the infection or spaced out along the affected part of the nail plate.

You will be prescribed a topical antifungal liquid which must be applied daily.


The biggest challenge in treating nail fungus is getting medication through the nail. Trephination gives the liquid direct access to the active growing fungus. The damaged fungal nail will not improve in appearance but the new nail will be protected from fungal infection. The old nail will be cut away as the healthy nail grows out.


Thickened fungal nails will be thinned out. Loose layers will be cut away and separated nail will be cut back, allowing removal of as much infected nail as possible at each fungal nail foot care treatment. 


Topical antifungals will be prescribed to be applied at home once daily. These can improve the appearance of the new nail by reducing the fungus burden and protecting the new nail from infection. 


Some people do not want to bother with antifungal medications but are experience pain in their fungal nails. Debulking the nails and removing fungal debris reduces pain and irritation of the skin around the nails. 

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