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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics are removable insoles that are made from a 3D representation of your foot. Most peoples' feet can be scanned using a 3D laser scanner. Some need to be casted using plaster of paris.  

Laser scan 2.PNG
Laser scan 1.PNG
cast eval3 comp.jpg
Cast Evaluation1.JPG
Cast Evaluation4.JPG
Cast Evaluation2.JPG
Cast Evaluation3.JPG

The scans or casts are inspected to evaluate the quality and accuracy of the 3D mold. The computer scan be rotated and tilted in all directions. Taking an accurate mold is necessary to make an effective and comfortable orthotic. The clinician must be in control of your foot alignment while casting or scanning. They will correct any soft tissue contracture while capturing the shape of your foot to make sure the cast represents your true bone structure and foot alignment.


Orthotics are not all the same. Your orthotic will be designed just for you.


The materials chosen must be appropriate for your foot mechanics. Stiff high arched feet need different orthotic materials when compared to floppy low arched feet.

The materials chosen must also be appropriate underlying health conditions and your activity level. 

The shape of the final orthotic is not simply based on the cast or scan of your foot. It's based on the goal of the orthotic.

The orthotic is designed to ensure it addresses your individual foot problem. In the case of foot pain we need to reduce the stress on a tissue to allow it to heal and to prevent re-injury in the future. Sometimes we need to reduce pressure on a corn or boney prominence. Orthotics are also used to control excessive callusing caused by overloading of skin.

We use different "control" features and "posting" to change the way your foot functions. 

Orthotics change your foot and lower limb biomechanics. Some features address ligament damage and improve foot stability. Other features increase motion in stiff feet. I use a physics based approach along with tissue stress and strain to address poor joint alignment and improve muscle control. 

A properly designed orthotic can be durable, effective and comfortable to wear. 

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