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Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are caused by abnormal pressure, friction or shearing. 

Even light pressure can eventually cause a corn.  A shoe does not have to hurt to cause problems, all it has to do is turn your toe red. Sources of pressure include:    

- Tight shoes

- Abnormal loading through the toe joints 

- Dropped metatarsals, hammer toes, clawed toes 

- Abnormal foot mechanics

      commonly referred to as "flat foot" or pronation, "high                 arches" or supination

- Muscle imbalance or tightness 

      tight calf muscles, weak tibialis posterior

- Scar tissue on soles


Corn: before debridement     


 Corn: after debridement

Your Chiropodist will trim away the hard skin and remove any deep corns.  This hands-on treatment is only treating the symptom of pressure, the hard skin itself.  Treatment will also include recommendations to reduce or eliminate pressure/shearing/friction forces. If the pressure is not addressed adequately, the hard skin will develop again. Any scar tissue on the bottoms of the feet will develop calluses.  

Podiatrist treating toenail fungus. Podo

Footwear fit advice, insoles/custom orthotics, stretching/strengthening, silicone cushions, or toe props can help to slow down callusing and corn development. 

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