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Foot Pain

To effectively treat and heal foot pain we must find the root cause of the pain. Pain medications just mask your symptoms and could actually make you worse. 

Pay attention to how your pain feels and what helps make it better. Different tissues feel differently when they hurt. Think about how you would describe the pain. Aching, stabbing, shooting, burning are some of the words we use to describe pain. Some pains are worse in the morning, others are worse after activity. Pay attention to how your pain changes through the day.  

Foot pain can start from "training error", our bodies cannot handle sudden increases in activity levels. Our tissues are able to handle what we give them and they must be given time to increase strength and adapt to a new activity or exercise routine. 

Sudden injuries can lead to chronic foot pain if the tissue is not able to heal. Sometimes insoles and supportive shoes or even braces are needed to support a tissue while it heals. Poor foot mechanics can exacerbate pain from injuries and prevent them from healing. 

Poor foot mechanics can lead to foot pain. Poor mechanics can lead to over-stress on the same tissue with every step.

Your foot examination will include a through history and examination to find out what lifestyle changes, injuries and activities might be contributing to your foot pain. Your foot mechanics and gait will be evaluated to determine what factors are causing or exacerbating your pain and a plan will be devised to manage it. 

Treatments may include taping, bracing, exercise/stretching, over the counter insoles, indoor footwear, or manual therapy.

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