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Services Available Include

Foot Care
Nail trimming
Callus and Corn removal
Thinning thick, damaged or fungal nails
Conservative treatment for Ingrown nails
Diabetic Foot Care
Wart Treatment
Permanent Nail Removal
Minor Procedure to remove part or all of a chronic ingrown nail.
Performed under local anesthetic (toe is "frozen").
Custom Foot Orthotics
Orthotics are prescribed to address foot and lower limb problems caused by poor foot mechanics.  
These include foot pain, corns and calluses, tendonitis (achilles pain, shin pain), knee pain, and  hip pain.  
Foot Mobilization Therapy
Manual therapy to improve joint alignment and retstore function, "FMT". 
FMT is based on Osteopathic principles but differs by addressing the alignment changes that occur with abnormal foot mechanics and common injuries. 
Injection Therapy
Cortisone injections, Local Anesthetic and Sclerosing alcohol treatments
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